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Sovereign Realty enables clients to reach its potential customers on a local, national, and international level through a combination of superior marketing knowledge, organized management services, and excellent customer service.  We break our marketing efforts into 3 simple steps: 

1.  Determining Target Market

- Who will most likely purchase or lease your property?

- Who knows someone that is interested in your property?

- Who should be exposed to your property?

These answers are determined by analyzing current market data, recognizing current market trends, and studying your area’s current demographics.

2.  Methods to Reach Target Market

Commercials, print advertising, information sheets, Multiple Listing Services, internet marketing and networking. Experience shows that all are essential in promoting a property for sale or lease.

3.  Highlight Amenities & Benefits

Sharing our knowledge of amenities and benefits of owning or leasing property in your area. Convenience to offices, restaurants, shopping and entertainment are always important to prospects. In urban areas, the ease of access to public and private transportation is important.  In depth knowledge of the local school system is highly important for residential property.


Please contact us for a detailed proposal, custom-tailored to meet your specific needs.

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